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    Forest: the source of bringing life; Germplasm: the basic of life.(FAO)

    As a national strategic resource, the germplasm resource is the basic resource of productivity, the basic material of genetics and the core material for bioengineering. The practice of modern rice science has proved that its high-yield breakthrough is dependent on the discovering and the effective utility of outstanding germplasm.

    China is rich in plant germplasm resources. There are 300-400 thousand among 1080 thousand accessions germplasms resources over 9000 species of which need quickly rescuing conservation. The national systematic research on begun in 1980s has accumulated about 0.1 million accessions of forest germplasm which has brought tremendous economic and ecologic and social benefits.

    With the specialized project support of Chinese Science and Technology ministry as “the basic projects of national science and research institute”and “Construction the platform of basic condition on national science and technology” etc., Chinese Academy of Forestry leads mainly groups of forest germplasm resources, launches collection, conservation, research and utilization of forest germplasm resources. Based on the investigation and systematic arrangement and integration on those resources, my group has been constructing the special platform. The project group aims to develop the innovative utilization of and to benefit China with the information sharing as the starting point and by means of the standardized construction of and activation of benefit-sharing system.


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