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江苏省关于加强农业种质资源保护与利用的实施意见 2020/9/9
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湖南升级作物种质资源库 辣椒库晋升全球老大 2020/5/14
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新玩艺:全国首次林草种质资源普查启动 2019/8/24
关于《中华人民共和国森林法(修订草案)》的说明 2019/7/1
全国人大常委会组成人员分组审议森林法修订草案 2019/7/1

    Forest: the source of bringing life; Germplasm: the basic of life (FAO).
    China is rich in plant germplasm resources. There are 300-400 thousand among 1080 thousand accessions germplasms resources over 9000 species of which need quickly rescuing conservation. The national systematic research on begun in 1980s has accumulated about 0.1 million accessions of forest germplasm which has brought tremendous economic and ecologic and social benefits...

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